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Wine Cheese and Chocolate Tour Adelaide

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Our Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tour is a unique day tour from Adelaide where we pair chocolates and wine, as well as cheese and wine throughout the tour. Although we usually enjoy this wine tour in McLaren Vale, we are open to other wine regions too. Did you know that South Australia is famous for it’s wine and has an enormous wine industry? We export over $1.6 Billion worth of wine each year, and locals drink even more than this! What goes fantastic with wine? Of course, chocolate and cheese!

In total we visit 3 wineries as well as an interactive art museum – the famous D’Arenberg Cube.

This tour will truly delight your tastebuds and allow you to experience complex and simple flavours all in one day! Our afternoon at D’Arenberg Winery and art museum will be sure to catch your attention and perhaps surprise you, when you go to the bathrooms.

Our minimum group size for our chocolate and cheese wine tour is 5 people. If you have less than 5 people in your group, no worries – your best option is to enjoy a chauffeured private wine tour service (insert hyperlink) and request chocolates and cheeses.

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tour Adelaide – Inclusions and Pricing

Of course, if you would like us to simply transport your group with a bus and driver (who is also a wine tour guide) then you get to organise the tour, and you supply all the cheese and chocolate to go with your wines. This is a cheaper option, see our Mini Bus Hire with a Driver (insert hyperlink) page for all the details.

Having said that, if we organise the tour, we will include all wine and chocolates to pair with your wines on the tour. We include the tasting fees and entry fees at all venues we visit, and of course you get a dedicated wine tour guide who is an expert on pairing cheese with wine, and chocolate with wine. We are also happy to organise a BBQ lunch for your wine tour group if you wish. Enquire directly for all pricing.

The Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Tour Schedule!

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Our wine, cheese and chocolate tour is a full day tour from Adelaide, in which you will enjoy a dedicated wine and cheese pairing, a wine and chocolate pairing and then some time at D’Arenberg Cube or another winery of your choice. We can customise the itinerary, however only some selected wineries have dedicated options for us to taste cheese and chocolate with their wines.

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Top 5 Wine and Chocolate Pairings on Tour

As a rule of thumb, we generally like to pair chocolates that ‘match the intensity’ of each other. This means, sweeter wines with sweeter chocolates – or if you’re not into sweet wines, then light bodied wines with light chocolates. Our guide will each you all about it in the wine and chocolate tour component.

  • White Chocolate + Moscato, Rose or late-harvest Riesling
  • Milk Chocolate + Aged light reds, or heavy Chardonnays
  • Dark Chocolates + Cab Sauv, Grenach, Port, Shiraz
  • Cherry Ripe + Fruity Light Reds
  • Ruby Chocolate + Chianti or some Chardonnays
Enquire today and we’ll make it a day to remember!

Top 5 Wine and Cheese Pairings on Tour

Wine and cheese – a match made in heaven. Our expert wine tour guide will explain the best wine and cheese pairings for you on tour – while you get to make up your own mind in some delicious paired tastings. A truly indulgent day tour to delight your senses.

  • Pinot Noir + Camembert or Brie
  • Port + Blue Cheese Varieties
  • Sauvignon Blanc + Goats Cheese
  • Chardonnay + Buttery Soft Cheddar
  • Shiraz + Heavily Smoked and Aged, Hard Cheddar

Sound delicious? Get in touch with us today and get a quote on this tantalising wine tour.

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Aussie Journeys

A truly hedonistic wine tour! Quite different to other wine tours that I have been on before and so worth it! Not only did our group learn a lot about wine and cheese / chocolate pairing but of course we got to taste so many different varieties too. Warning though, do not go on this tour if you’re dieting – this tour will not help you achieve those goals!

Mary Papazoglou