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Tours in the Adelaide Hills

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The Adelaide Hills has an amazing array of different day tours that we can organise. Our tours in the Adelaide Hills are always a fun day out and usually include seeing native Australian wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos and even kookaburras. Depending on your group’s interest, we often take specific Adelaide Hills shopping tours too. Adelaide Hills shopping tours are something we can tailor specifically for to your group’s interest.

Adelaide Hills attractions include Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills wineries, boutique shopping opportunities, chocolate factories as well as classic nature based attractions such as Mt Lofty Summit, Mt Lofty Botanical Garden, Gorge Wildlife Park, Cleland Wildlife Park, the Big Rocking Horse and Toy Factory, stunning waterfalls and our well-known ‘Koala Walk’. Our Koala walk is a small walk within a national park where we often see Koala’s in nature – usually sleeping in a tree, or enjoy some eucalyptus leaves for lunch!

Our tours in the Adelaide Hills are some of the most relaxing, educational and entertaining you could find. Your group will go deep into contemporary and Indigenous Australian culture, and your tour guide will explain each highlight you visit.

Activities - Tours in Adelaide Hills

Aussie Journeys

Our Adelaide Hills one day tours can include a variety of different activities! We can custom make an itinerary for your group, or help you to make your own! Either way, your group will no doubt enjoy the many attractions on offer on any tours in the Adelaide Hills.

Aussie Journeys

Inclusions - Adelaide Hills One Day Tour

Our tours in the Adelaide Hills will include transport, a tour guided explanation of each
attraction we visit and overviews of the Indigenous history of the Adelaide Hills. Often we enjoy a
meal in Hahndorf and one of the many famous German eating and drinking houses. We can include
entrance fees if they are charged, or you can simply pass that onto your group’s participants. We
look forward to seeing you on an Adelaide Hills one day tour with us!

Group Sizes and Custom Itineraries

For our Adelaide Hills one day tours, we require a minimum of 6 participants in your group. We have no maximum group sizes, however select some wineries do not allow groups above 20 to visit at one time. 

We are very happy to customise your group’s itinerary to include whichever attractions you wouldlike. If you would like us to customise the itinerary, it’s likely a better option for you to organise the entire tour as you wish, and then simply have us drive you from destination to destination with some tour guided explanations of each area and some of the attractions too. This way, it’s more affordable, and you get to choose exactly where you visit, and what time. Enquire with us now, and we’ll help you get started!

Aussie Journeys
Aussie Journeys

Thanks Aussie Journeys for a fun day tour in the Adelaide Hills! It was great to show our guests part of the Adelaide Hills and give them some explanation about Australia’s history and Aboriginal culture. We’ll certainly contact you again when our next groups visit Adelaide!

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