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The classic Aussie Journeys mini bus wine tour from Adelaide! We are very proud to showcase South Australia’s best known and best tasting wines in our single day mini bus wine tours from Adelaide. Your group can visit multiple great South Australian wine regions, all of which our tour guides are experts on. See the top 5 wine regions we visit below, when your group departs from Adelaide on a full day wine tour. We’ll pick your group up directly, and can make a few stops along the way if necessary.

Your Mini Bus Wine Tour Options

When you book in for a mini bus wine tour, you really have two options. The first is to let us handle admin and itinerary details, and bring you to the best wineries that we know you’ll love. We’ll get your suggestions about which wine region your group would like to go to, and if you have any favourite wineries that you specifically want to include. 

In this option, we’ll include all the tasting fees for your group, we’ll organise bookings and can even cater a BBQ lunch if your group wants. Participants won’t need to pay anything on tour unless they make some purchases.

The second option if you are after a mini bus wine tour, is to simply hire one of our mini buses with a driver (who doubles up as a wine tour guide) and let us take you to the venues you have booked. We’ll do the driving and wine tour guiding on the microphone – you do the tastings and organise the schedule. This is a cheaper option, and allows you the flexibility to book any winery while participants can choose if they wish to purchase a tasting at each winery or not. Feel welcome to enquire with us today, and we’ll help answer any questions about our mini bus wine tours from Adelaide.

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If you’ve got a group with 5 people or over and looking to tour the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills or other South Australian wine region, then get in touch with us. Our high quality tour guides will make your day our not only educational but plenty of fun too! All of our buses allow you the option to play your own favourite wine tour songs, which will keep the good vibes coming!

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Shout out to Terry our mini bus wine tour guide! You are truly an entertainer and your service was highly appreciated, especially on the last 2 wineries in the Barossa. Not easy to handle a group of 21 wine drinkers but you did great and your experience showed!

Lucy and Jay’s combined 30th Birthday wine tour